Sacred Pregnancy Testimonials, Omaha

Don’t take our word for it! Here is what a few of our Sacred Pregnancy Mamas have to say…


“The Sacred Pregnancy Couples Retreat was unlike anything I thought it would be. You go there unsure of what to expect and Sirena provides tools that you need to finish rounding out your preparation for childbirth. She delves into the aspect of pregnancy looked over by almost all other educational classes: the spiritual. She emphasizes the importance of the bond between yourself and your partner at delivery time (and postpartum!) and has interesting activities to engage both of you and bring you closer. These are tools that you can bring home and continue forever –┬á one of the most prominent in my memory being “naked time”. There is a lot of emphasis on maintaining strength and intimacy in your bond with each other. I would strongly recommend to anybody who has this as an opportunity to grab on and go!” ~ Serena M.

“Thank you so much for the retreat. It has helped me in about a million ways. A small example: I had a rough/over stimulating day. So [my DD] and I turned off all the lights, lit candles and incense, turned on “thunderstorm” noise, got skin to skin, and snuggled just watching the flames relaxing. I instantly felt better. I started tearing up with love for her when I had felt overwhelmed by her all day. Then, she sat on the floor handling all the rocks and seashells. It was a beautiful, calm moment in a busy day.” ~ Arianna P.

“I thought those two days were phenomenal, Sirena… it was perfect! I seriously came back home Sunday feeling like I had “finished” my pregnancy training, it really rounded out my whole experience, I wish [my husband] had been there to experience it with me but you make an awesome partner anyway. =)

It was really nice to bond with other pregnant women in this way and not feel like I was odd for having different feelings with my pregnancy. It really incorporates the part of pregnancy that nobody really talks about, the spiritual part, and honestly, I didn’t realize what an integral part it was. You did an amazing job at bringing this together, you should be proud! I am proud of you! … I will be spreading the word! Thank you, it was a great experience I would NEVER have had without you!” ~ Serena M.

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