Sacred Pregnancy 2-Day Birth Journey Classes for Couples

SP Classes Cover PhotoThe Sacred Pregnancy 2-Day Birth Journey classes are for pregnant couples and explore the following topics:
Session ONE: Standing at the Edge
Discuss what is happening to your birthing body & visualizations.
Partner Project: create personal visualization & beauty way birth plan & mala mantras
Session TWO: Surrender
PRACTICE pushing into the surges and not contracting away, & TRUST, surge strategies & the power of smell & song.
Partner Project: power stones & choose a birth song
Session THREE: Birth
Birth talk / when will I know I am in labor, technical talk, education, rebozos!
Sister Project: LOVE labor method & deep voice toning
Session FOUR: Rite of Passage
Discuss rite of passage & mother roasting & mother wisdom
Sister Project:
  Learn to make an herbal sitz bath
  Crossing the threshold from maiden to mother

These classes are also offered privately. Please contact Sirena to check availability for your due date.

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