Meet the Team

Hello and welcome to our space!

As a group of experienced birth workers, we have found that working as a practice increases our availability, and working in pairs for parents that need extra support keeps us fresh and at the top of our game.

All our team members are encouraged to practice their specialties – whether it’s birth photography, breastfeeding counseling, natural parenting, home birthing, postpartum care, kinesthesiology, childbirth ed, mother blessing-ways, henna art, or just rocking the labor room, we do what we love and love what we do! And, as of August 2013, we have collectively attended over 185 births!

Explore the links below to find out what each of our partners offers, check their availability, and see how we can help you have an incredible pregnancy, beautiful birth, and fully-supported postpartum experience. We’re happy to serve you!